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Banking Tools and Financial Calculators

Browse our range of calculators, planners and tools below to help you better manage your money.

Home Loans and Mortgage Calculators

Explore these tools to estimate your home loan repayments, borrowing power, savings using an offset account and more. Plus, compare different loans as well as buy/sell and buy/rent scenarios.

Home Loan Borrowing Power Calculator

Estimate how much you could potentially borrow based on your income, expenses, plus the interest rate and term of your loan.

Stamp Duty Calculator

Calculate the upfront costs of buying a home, including stamp duty and government fees.

Mortgage Loan Repayments Calculator

Find out how much you need to pay based on your loan amount, whether they're fixed rate or variable, and monthly, fornightly or weekly.

Fortnightly Repayments Calculator

Assess how much interest and time you'll save with fortnightly repayments, rather than monthly repayments.

Interest Only Mortgage Calculator

Calculate how much more you’ll pay with an interest-only mortgage compared to a principal and interest mortgage.

Extra Repayment Calculator

See how an extra contribution to your mortgage could potentially affect how quickly you pay it off and how much interest you could save.

Lump Sum Repayment

Determine how much you could save on your mortgage by making a lump sum payment.

Time to Repayment Calculator

Work out how long until you are mortgage-free, based on your loan amount, interest rate and repayments.

Split Loan Calculator

Find out how a different mortgage structure – fixed, variable or both – would affect your repayments.

Introductory Rate Loan Calculator

Assess how a honeymoon rate would affect your repayment and interest payable amount.

Home Loan Offset Calculator

Calculate how an offset account could help you pay off your mortgage quicker and save on interest payments.

Loan Comparison Calculator

Compare different loan options by plugging in different interest rates and loan terms.

Property Buying Costs Calculator

Evaluate the stamp duty, mortgage registration fees and other government fees of buying a property, based on your state, property value and property type.

Property Selling Costs Calculator

Assess the stamp duty, real estate agent fees and other additional costs of selling your property, based on your state, sale price and outstanding loan amount.

Mortgage Switching Calculator

Find out whether you’d save money by switching to another mortgage, taking into consideration if you're making the minimum (or higher) repayments.

Rent vs Buy Calculator

Work out whether you’re better off renting or buying a home, electrical goods, and furniture.

Reverse Mortgage Calculator

Calculate the remaining equity in your home to find out how much you could borrow for retirement.

Personal Finances Calculators

Gain clarity on your personal finances by figuring out exactly how much you earn annually, planning for daily and large expenses and calculating repayments on financed assets.

Budget Planner

Plug in the details of your income, expenses, assets and liabilities to get a top-down view of your finances.

Leasing Calculator

Calculate the monthly repayments and interest payable on a leasing agreement.

Credit Card Calculator

Appraise how much time and money you can save by making higher repayments, instead of the minimum.

Income Annualisation Calculator

Work out your yearly income based on how much you’ve made so far.

Savings Calculators

Assess how much you need to deposit and for how long to reach a goal and see how compound interest amplifies your savings.

Savings Calculator

Calculate how much you’ll have after a certain term, based on your initial deposit, interest rate and any extra contributions.

Savings Term Calculator

Find out how long it’ll take to reach a certain amount of savings.

Savings Deposit Calculator

Quantify how much you should deposit and how often to reach your savings goal.

Compound Interest Calculator

See how your savings grow over time, thanks to compound interest.

Income Tax Calculators

Calculate your tax payable now to avoid a surprising tax bill at the end of each financial year.

Income Tax Calculator

Calculate the tax on your income to find out your net income per annum and per week.

Turn your net pay into gross annual income whether filling in a loan application, applying for a new job or completing a household budget.

Income Gross Up Calculator

Calculate your gross income from your net or after-tax income.