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Home Loans & Lending

Whether you’re buying, selling or investing, we provide a unique and holistic service that combines our experience in lending with financial planning advice.  

GA Lending will find the best mortgage or finance solution for you, while considering your overall financial health and long-term goals.

How can we help with Home Loans and Mortgage Services?

GA Lending has two decades’ worth of experience across residential and commercial lending, including First Home Buyers loans and refinancing. 

We work with you to choose the best option to suit your current needs and future goals. 

Here are some practical questions our lending specialists can help answer:

  • How much can I borrow for a home loan? 
  • How much deposit do I need for a home loan? 
  • What about an investment home loan – what are the requirements? 
  • What is a fixed or variable-rate home loan? 
  • What’s the process to get a home loan if I am self-employed? 
  • What is conditional pre-approval? 
  • How do I refinance a home loan?

Our lending and home loan specialists will discuss your property goals with you and help implement a plan to achieve them, keeping in mind your greater financial plan 

What do our home loan specialists do for you?

At Green Associates, we support you through every stage of the home-buying process.  

We help you: 

  • Determine how much you can borrow 
  • Select the best type of loan or mortgage for you 
  • Choose the best-structured loan (fixed vs variable, offset accounts, redraw facilities and more) 
  • Get the best interest rate on your loan 
  • Apply for conditional pre-approval and your home loan 
  • Complete the relevant paperwork 
  • Review loan terms, refinancing strategies and debt management. 


How does the home loan process work?

Here are the main stages of the home loan process: 

  1. Apply for pre-conditional approval: this helps you gauge how much you can borrow so you can start looking for properties that fit your budget and requirements 
  2. Apply for home loan: once you’ve found your property, collate all the required documentation and complete your loan application 
  3. Wait for approval: your lender will conduct all the necessary checks and prepare your loan offer documents 
  4. Secure your property: negotiate your offer on the property, sign the contract and pay the deposit 
  5. Sign documents: once your home loan is approved, sign your loan offer documents, plus stamp duty forms if applicable 
  6. Settlement: complete the purchase of your property and pick up your keys! 

Of course, the process can differ. Your Green Associates lending specialist will guide you through and will continue to look after you, even beyond settlement. 

When should I start applying for a mortgage?

Timing is very important when it comes to getting a home loan with the most favourable terms.  

We recommend that you meet with us as soon as you start thinking about buying a home so we can work out how much you can borrow and get your accounts in order with our financial planning expertise. 

Then, we can help you apply for pre-conditional approval. The approval will generally last for 3 months from the date it is granted and during this time, you can then put in offers and bid at auctions.  

What other lending services do you offer beyond home loans?

Through GA Lending, we also assist with these types of lending: 

  • Commercial loans: or business loans. This type of loan is specifically designed to help businesses finance various operational expenses 
  • Personal loans: unsecured, short-term loans for purposes like home improvements, buying a car and lifestyle events 
  • Construction loans: used specifically for building a new home or making major renovations to an existing property. 

Find out more about home loans and lending services

If you are planning on buying, selling or investing in property, book an appointment with a Green Associates Lending Specialist – who also has extensive experience in mortgage services – to discover your best options.