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Investment Strategy & Advice

If investing feels like a trip into the unknown and overwhelming, and perhaps you are wondering where to get investment advice, we are here to help.

At Green Associates, we’re passionate about implementing smart investment strategies that are aligned with your goals while being fluid enough to adapt to any changes.​

​​Whether you are starting out or feel like you could be doing more for your financial future, our investment planning services could significantly positively impact your wealth for day-to-day life and the future. ​

What is Investment Planning?

Investment planning is creating a strategy to invest money in financial assets with the objective to maximise returns, minimise fees and taxes, and achieve your specific financial goals.  

As part of our services at Green Associates, we offer investment advice covering a range of portfolios (including equities and property), superannuation advice, and financial advice. 

How can we help with Investment Planning and Management?

At Green Associates, we give truly independent advice and can help you answer questions like below:

  • What’s the best investment strategy for my risk tolerance? 
  • Should I invest in shares, bonds, or property; how much should I allocate to each option?
  • How can I diversify my investment portfolio to reduce risk and increase returns? 
  • What are the tax implications of my investments, and how can I minimise these implications?
  • How do I know if my portfolio is performing well?
  • How often should I review and adjust my portfolio? 

What do we do for you?

A Green Associates Financial Planner and Adviser helps you: 

  • Understand the different asset classes and investment products 
  • Understand how to read investment statements  
  • Develop an investment portfolio with the right assets and structure for your goals and risk appetite  
  • Manage, review and rebalance your portfolio based on objectives and market conditions

We are also experts in wealth management, which combines investment advice with financial planning, retirement planning, estate planning and more; we can create investment strategies for you with all of these in mind.  

Who can benefit from Investment Planning services?

You can benefit from investment advice if your goal is to: 

  • Build wealth through investing in income-generating assets such as dividend-paying shares, bonds and rental properties 
  • Save for retirement 
  • Save for your children’s education  
  • Invest in your business, whether by expanding operations, making in new products or entering new markets. 

Ultimately, anyone who wants to achieve financial success can benefit from investment planning, as without a well-crafted plan, you may not be making the most of your money to meet your needs and goals. 

When should you get Investment advice?

You should meet with a Green Associates Financial Consultant and Planner for Investment Planning when: 

  • You are new to investing 
  • You are nearing retirement 
  • You have experienced a major life change like marriage, divorce, having a child, or the death of a spouse  
  • You have received an inheritance 
  • You are simply unsure about your current investment strategy.

We will provide expert guidance and help you make informed decisions so you can invest to achieve your financial goals. 

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