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Redundancy Advice & Planning

Not all redundancies are created equal. Whatever the terms are, including whether it is voluntary or not, going through a redundancy can be financially and emotionally stressful. 

A Green Associates Financial Planner can help you explore your options and create a plan to manage your finances during your period of redundancy, and beyond.  

What is Redundancy Planning?

Redundancy planning is preparing for the potential loss of your job due to redundancy, which is when your employer deems that your role is no longer required. 

Redundancy planning can involve assessing your financial situation, identifying potential sources of income and developing a plan to manage expenses while you find a new job.  

It can also involve managing the impacts redundancy may have on your debt obligations, super and retirement. 

How can we help with your Redundancy Planning?

Thanks to our diverse experience, we can assist with your redundancy planning in the context of your investment planning, financial planning, retirement planning and more.  

Here are some practical questions Green Associates can help answer: 

  • What’s the redundancy process?  
  • Is my retrenchment compensation fair?  
  • Can I negotiate a better redundancy package? 
  • How will redundancy affect my taxes? 
  • Are there any government benefits or insurance that I’m entitled to? 
  • Can I access my super if I’m made redundant? 
  • I’m about to retire – should I use my redundancy payment to pay off debt or invest? 
  • I’m not close to retirement and will be looking for another job – should I use my redundancy payment to pay off debt or invest? 

We will support you in getting the best outcome possible from your redundancy. 

What do we do for you?

At Green Associates, we help you: 

  • Understand the redundancy process 
  • Make sure you are receiving the full and fair redundancy payout  
  • Make sure you are also receiving all your entitlements like unused annual leave 
  • Manage your expenses and debt obligations while you find a new job or while you approach retirement 
  • Decide on how to best spend your redundancy payout. 

We do all the above and more so that redundancy does not keep you from achieving your financial goals, no matter what stage of your career or life you are at.  

Why is Redundancy Advice important?

Without smart planning and the right redundancy advice, losing your job can be a significant financial setback, especially if you have a mortgage or are nearing retirement.  

At Green Associates, our advice can minimise the negative implications a redundancy has on your finances for now and in the future. 

Overall, redundancy advice can help you feel more in control of your situation, both financially and emotionally, so you can make a smoother transition to the next chapter of your career and life. 

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If you have been made redundant or want to plan for a potential redundancy, book an appointment with a Green Associates Financial Planner and Adviser to be supported through this challenging process.