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Taxation Advice & Planning

Part of maximising wealth is minimising tax. There are strategies to manage your salary, superannuation, investments and debt that can create significant tax savings.  

At Green Associates, we will help you take advantage of all of the simple benefits available under our current taxation law to manage the amount of tax you pay. 

What does Tax Advice and Planning involve?

Tax advice can include consideration of the following in conjunction with your overall plan: 

  • Salary sacrifice, also known as salary packaging or total remuneration packaging, potentially includes Transition to Retirement (TtR) pensions. 
  • Capital gains tax management with tax exemptions, choosing the most advantageous time to sell assets and more 
  • Negative gearing by offsetting losses on an investment property against your taxable income 
  • Investing in fully franked shares as you’ll receive a tax credit for the tax already paid by the company, reducing the amount of tax you owe 

Tax planning can be complex and time-consuming. At Green Associates, we can guide you through the above and more with the goal of helping you implement the most effective tax strategies for your circumstances. 

How can we help with Tax Advice?

Here are some practical questions Green Associates can help answer: 

  • I have multiple income streams and investments – at what point should I get a personal tax service?  
  • I’m about to buy/sell a property – what’s the best property tax advice for me? 
  • Should I make extra super contributions as part of my income or salary tax planning? 
  • Should I get income protection insurance? 
  • I’m a small business owner – what exemptions and deductions can I take advantage of? 

As stated by the Australian Tax Office themselves, “You have the right to arrange your financial affairs to keep your tax to a minimum.” Book an appointment today with a Green Associates Financial Planner and Adviser, and we can find the best arrangement for you. 

Why is Tax Advice important?

Tax advice is important because it can minimise taxable income, which in turn reduces tax liabilities to increase after-tax income and wealth. 

The extra money you save from minimising your tax can then be used to invest in wealth-building activities, such as saving for retirement or purchasing a property. 

Tax advice also helps both individuals and businesses remain compliant with Australian taxation laws, avoiding penalties and other legal issues.  

Do you give general Tax Advice?

We do not provide general tax advice as we are not accountants. However, we are recognised as Tax Financial Advisers by the Tax Practitioners Board and work very closely with accountants to ensure that our recommended strategies are sound.  

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If you are interested in better managing your taxes, contact Green Associates today to book a consultation with a Financial Planner. We can help you structure your finances and leverage different strategies to minimise your tax and maximise your wealth.