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A 2021 Report from the Centre of Social Impact found that 1 in 3 Australian households experienced some form of financial stress. Given the current cost-of-living crisis, this isn’t surprising.  

However, even as things settle, we shouldn’t expect financial stress to go away on its own because no matter what the circumstances are, money matters. Our lifestyle, well-being and choices largely depend on our financial health.  

At Green Associates, we help you manage, protect and grow your wealth, so you can feel confident about your finances and live how you want, now and into the future. 

What is Financial Planning?

Financial planning is defining your financial goals and creating a comprehensive plan for managing your assets, tax and cashflow to help you achieve them.  

Financial planning can involve budgeting, saving, investing, risk management, tax planning, retirement planning and estate planning. 

The overarching goal is to have your finances in a place that enables you to live your desired lifestyle. 

What does a financial adviser do?

A robust financial plan encompasses many different areas of finances and so what a Green Associates Financial Planner and Adviser includes, but isn’t limited to: 

Our advisers do all the above and more with the aim of supporting you in reaching your financial goals. 

Why is it important to have a financial adviser?

We all know how quickly and significantly life can change. Every day brings more personal change, legislative change and economic change, and the last thing we need is financial stress on top of everything!  

Having a financial adviser means that even in the face of change, you can feel secure that you are still on track to meet your financial goals – and this, in turn, has a flow-on effect, allowing you to keep living your desired lifestyle.  

A financial adviser also has specialist knowledge that you can leverage for financial success. With their support, you can take advantage of exemptions, deductions and tax-efficient investments to grow your wealth. They can advise on the best tax and insurance strategies to protect and manage your wealth. Finally, they can help you put in place documents and structures to ensure your wealth is distributed as you wish once you pass.  


Book an appointment today with a Green Associates Financial Planner and Adviser to get started. 

How can we help with Financial Planning?

Here are some practical questions Green Associates can help answer:

  • I’m about to get divorced – how will this impact my finances? 
  • I’ve just suffered a serious injury – how do I protect my retirement goals?  
  • With the latest interest rate changes, how do I best manage my mortgage repayments? 
  • I’ve just received a large inheritance – what’s the best way to use it? 
  • Should I get income protection insurance? 

When should you get a financial adviser?

Whenever you feel that you could benefit from professional advice on budgeting, saving and investing is when you should consult with a financial adviser. 

Seeking financial advice is a particularly good idea when you need to make significant financial decisions; for example, starting a business, buying a home, investing a large sum of money or retirement planning 

We think of it like this – financial planning is like creating a roadmap towards your goals; the sooner you have direction, the sooner you will reach your destination. 

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If you would like to better manage, protect and grow your wealth, reduce financial stress and help ensure you can live the life you want today and into the future, contact Green Associates today and enquire about our financial planning services.