Answer One

Well done for thinking about your financial future

We are so excited you chose to embark on your journey with us. You would suit our Discover package with a focus on:

Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation is the process of bundling a number of different debts into a single loan or credit card, often with a lower overall interest rate.

It can be a useful option if you’re managing a number of debts like a personal loan, a car loan, credit cards or perhaps store cards. By consolidating your debts you may only have to make one monthly repayment instead of several and you may only be dealing with one lender and one set of loan statements.

The biggest advantage of debt consolidation is potentially saving considerable money in interest charges and also tailoring the term to suit your cash flow.

This strategy is often used in conjunction with budgeting and cash flow planning

Did you know paying your mortgage fortnightly, rather than monthly, can reduce the amount of time it takes to pay off your mortgage by up to five years.

Setting a Goal

Goal setting is the critical process of deciding what is important to you and what you want to achieve. This is done by separating what’s important from what’s irrelevant, or prioritising your goals to remove distractions.

This is one of the most challenging parts of our meeting but can often be the most rewarding.

One question we might ask to help explain this is; how do you eat an elephant? One piece at a time! Once your goals are identified and prioritised these can be used as a way of motivating yourself through what would ordinarily seem a list of impossible tasks.

This is also a very important tool when used correctly with proven cash flow and budgeting techniques.