Planning Your Retirement

The most common thing  we hear from our clients is ‘why didn’t we start our retirement planning sooner?

Retirement Planning

Ask yourself, when are you going to retire, and where is your retirement income going to be paid from? Will this be from your allocated pension, property, shares, managed funds or possibly a Government age pension? It may even be a combination of them all. Given the options, it might be best to start thinking about retirement planning.

We’ve all heard of those that have made it big from the sale of a property, but what happens if you don’t have the money to buy that property in the first place? You need to look into different strategies.

Retirement planning is not just about using superannuation but structuring your affairs to help you create your own investment portfolio that will deliver you an income to support a healthy retirement. And wouldn’t that be the best reward after decades of working?

Don’t leave it until it’s too late, leaving things to the last minute will just make it harder to reach your goals. The younger you are when you start to think about the life you want when you retire, the better your chances are of achieving it. By planning early, you might only need to modify your current spending minimally, leaving it until later might require huge compromises to your standard of living.

We can also help if you are worried that you have left it a little late to start your planning your retirement. But don’t fret, it’s best to come in to see us soon so we can create a plan suited to your needs. Wouldn’t you love to get out of the work force so you can just do the things you love?

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